Vape Hardware—Protecting Customers from Latent Lead

November 30, 2020  | 9am PST, 12noon EST, 5pm GMT



As the nascent cannabis industry grows, there is a burgeoning demand for novel approaches to pathogen detection in a variety of cannabis matrices. Notably, a need for fungal testing in cannabis products has been indicated. While fungal analysis has historically been conducted utilizing cultural methodology, there has been a recent focus on alternative, molecular-based assays for fungal detection and identification in cannabis. In response to innovation in the industry and a desire for more rapid, highly specific approaches to testing, molecular-based testing platforms were evaluated for the detection and identification of Aspergillus spp. in cannabis.

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Webinar Summary

Latent lead from cannabis vape hardware is more common than expected and is missed by some state and national testing protocols.  We present a survey of results outlining the extent of the problem and how gaps in quality and testing systems can lead to latent lead exposure.  We recommend a combination of testing protocols, supplier quality management, and consumer transparency to drive the lead out of the vape hardware supply chain.

During this webinar we will discuss:
  • Recent research findings of lead exposure in vape hardware
  • Current lead testing and quality procedures
  • Future recommendations for lead testing protocols

Speaker Information:

Dr Francis Boero
Managing Partner, Gavenum

Dr Houssain El Aribi
Director of Analytical Testing, Valens Labs

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