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Identification of Four THC Stereoisomers Formed During Δ9-THC Degradation


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As the primary phytocannabinoid associated with psychoactive properties, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) is crucial to cannabis testing. Degradation of Δ9-THC, from the processing of inflorescences for cannabis isolates or other products, may lead to isomers that can be misidentified and provide invalid potency claims.

This application note describes a method for the separation of the Δ10-THC and Δ6a,10a-THC isomers using a chiral HPLC stationary phase. The use of a chiral column under normal-phase liquid chromatography conditions provides an analytical method to fully separate these THC isomers for identification and accurate determination of potency.

Download this app note to discover a method that:

  • Allows you to differentiate between very similar THC stereoisomers
  • Utilizes a chiral HPLC column under normal-phase conditions
  • Provides accurate, reliable results for the determination of potency and safety